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Based on Business Scale, Industry, & Partnerships

Our suite of payroll, HR, and human capital management (HCM) technology and services is crafted specifically for entities akin to yours. Discover how we align seamlessly with your needs.


By Business Size

Small, midsized or large, your business has unique needs — from technology to support and everything in between. Learn how we can make your work easier.

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  • 1-49 Employees
  • 50-250 Employees
  • 250+ Employees

Tailored for Your Industry

Every industry comes with its unique set of challenges, necessitating solutions born from seasoned expertise. 

Explore Our Offerings for:
  • Retail & Hospitality: Payroll and HR software designed for the hospitality sector.
  • Manufacturing: Streamlined solutions for the manufacturing industry.
  • Professional & Technical Services: Tailored support for service-oriented industries.
  • Skilled Labor & Contractors: Optimized tools for the construction sector.
  • Financial Services: Payroll and HR software catered to financial institutions.
  • Healthcare: Specialized software for the healthcare industry.
  • Education & Government: Comprehensive support for public sectors.
  • Small Business & Startups: Expertise in scaling and support.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Dedicated solutions for nonprofit entities.

Collaborate for Impact

Discover the power of partnership in enhancing the success of our shared clients. Let's work together to make a difference.

Explore Opportunities with:

  • Accountants: Strengthen client services through collaboration with accounting professionals
  • Brokers: Partner to optimize outcomes for mutual clients
  • Financial Advisors: Join forces to provide comprehensive financial guidance
  • Franchises: Enhance franchise operations through strategic partnerships
  • HR & Technology Consultants: Merge talents to offer unparalleled HR solutions and join forces for groundbreaking technological innovations for our clients.
  • Fractional CFOs: Partner to provide strategic financial leadership on a part-time basis


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