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Our experts streamline your time, payroll and HR tech management.
Payroll Tax
We provide payroll tax administration services for businesses of all sizes.
Streamlined managed services for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.
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What Our Customers Say

The Paid team not only helped us implement the system on a tight timeline, but their service was top notch; the training was intuitive, easy, and seamless for myself and my staff.
Amie H
HR Director
The Paid team has been able to meet and exceed all our requirements. They have gone above and beyond to make our lives easier in accounting. Paid is the first payroll service that I’ve worked with that creates journal entries for us. I don’t know any other service that does that. No matter the transaction, the Paid team has your back.
Jocelyn R
We would wait for weeks to get a response to our questions, and when we finally got someone on the phone, they’d give us a general, templated response. You just didn’t get the impression that they were experts who understood what we needed.
Sharon W
Founder & COO

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