Make work about more than a paycheck

Work is evolving. Your payroll processing needs to evolve too. Learn how payday can produce happier, more productive, and innovative employees.

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Lower Employee and HR Costs While Increasing Productivity and Employee Loyalty

Payroll is where you show your most valuable assets how much you think they’re worth. We help you use your innovative payroll incentives to transform the relationship between employee and employer.

How Paid Works

Smoother Payroll Processing

Payroll shouldn’t be a chore. Our intuitive software and process make payroll faster, easier, and more cost-efficient than ever.

Build Better Employee Relationships

It’s no secret that employees look closer at their paychecks than anything else you send them. We help you turn payroll into an effective communication, motivation, and leadership tool.

Increasing Employee Trust

The secret of every leading organization is building strong relationships with their most valuable assets. Your employees want purpose-driven work—shouldn’t your payroll and HR systems reflect that?

Payroll Processing

Managing and executing is simple with an intuitive payroll system.

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HR Portal

Manage every aspect of the employment relationship from one place.

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Full-Service Software

Customized, all-in-one HR and payroll software that works with your existing systems.

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Decrease Compliance Costs

Never worry about payroll compliance issues again. Automatically deposit payroll taxes, ensure wage and hour compliance, track retirement accounts, manage benefit accrual, and much more.

Increase Productivity

When you transform payroll into a leadership and communication tool, you will see an increase in productivity. When you use innovative incentives and effective messaging, your employees will be excited to follow your lead.

Ready to Transform Payroll?

We believe that every great business relationship starts with a great conversation. Schedule a call to learn more about how Paid can transform your relationship with your employees with our innovative payroll and HR solutions.

“I have trust in knowing the competence and expertise is there. I also enjoy having someone who knows the business that we feel confident working alongside. Overall, Paid’s knowledge and capacity to handle a wide variety of issues gives me peace of mind, and we’re fortunate to have that.”

Anne Mueller, Former Senior Vice President, People

Forge Global, Inc.

Paid Sales Team

Workforce Consultant
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